193p assignment 3

193p assignment 3

CS 193P Assignment 3

Understanding MVC boundaries Creating a new subclass of UIViewController Universal Application i. Respond to the user input changing the number of sides and update the view accordingly5.

Its only rivals are the official C book The C Programming Language is the title I believe And don’t skip assignments. The background of the custom view should be filled with a solid color6. Add a subview to your custom view to display the name of the polygon6. Its lectures are interspersed with assignments designed to deepen the understanding of iOS.

Create a custom UIView subclass that will display your PolygonShape object2. This assignment is due by When the user exits and relaunches the application the number of sides should bepreserved.

Touching M should setOperand variable: Apologies for not getting this posted after Tuesday’s lecture, but here’s the assignment for this week. CS P is an extremely useful online class for learning iPhone programming. We will be looking at the following: THE DEMO CODE BELOW IS FOR AN OLD LAST QUARTER’S VERSION OF CSP BASED ON IOS 9 AND SWIFT 2. The biggest part of this assignment will be creating a custom view and doing the drawing of thepolygon.

Your project should build without errors or warnings and run without crashing2. Add a label as a subview of your custom view to display the name e. Watch ALL of the lecture videos. These two buttons will set and get respectively a variable in the CalculatorBrain called M.

I had to backtrack and re watch a lot when I tried starting the assignments again. Tapping the increase and decrease buttons should cause the custom view to update asexpected both the polygon and the name should update 5. Save the number of sides in the user defaults, and restore that value when the userlaunches the application Testing In most assignments testing of the resulting application is the primary objective.

Until this button or the clear button is pressed again, this same Dictionary should be used every time evaluate is called. This is my solution for the assignement 3 incl. And I mean just the videos leading up to the assignment’s due date.


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