Essay about the painted veil

Essay about the painted veil

the painted veil essays

Another reason for Kitty to want to escape her mother is because her younger sister, Dorothy, got married before, which brang her quite a lot of shame. An artist is a creator.

Although when Kitty returns to Hong Kong, she again gives into her sinful nature and sleeps with Charlie Townsend again, revealing that Kitty has not changed at all, but was under the impression that she had done. Charles Townsend Plot Shortly after meeting earnest, socially awkward bacteriologist Walter Fane at a party, vivacious, vain, and vacuous London socialite Kitty Garstin enters into a loveless marriage with him at the urging of her domineering mother.

Unfortunatly when she confronts Charlie, he is taken aback and tries to convince Kitty that it would not be wise to do so.

Somerset Maugham created Kitty Fane to be a selfish, un-loyal wife that goes on an enlightening journey in cholera stricken Mei-Tan Fu, and changes into a caring, loving wife that rues her infidelity and self-indulgence, and who becomes almost pitiful in her attempt to reconciliate with Walter. The only reason that she marries him is so she can be married before her little sister Doris. While on a trip to London he meets and quickly proposes marriage to the young, selfish, upper-class socialite Kitty Garstin played by Naomi Watts.

From where and how Kitty is brought up, to the time she meets Walter and Charlie, Kitty has experienced and suffered from hills of ups and downs.

The Painted Veil is a novel from British author W. Set in s China, The Painted Veil stars Edward Norton as an English middle-class, lackluster bacteriologist named Walter Fane who lives and works in Shanghai.

The idea of colonial imperialism is also tied to the culture theory of that time. Give a critique of the above statement. She nagged him without mercy. Essay Topic 2 Throughout the novel Kitty’s views of Charlie change drastically, however, Charlie’s views of Kitty remain somewhat the same. It never occurred to them to ask themselves ,what were the feelings of that subdued man who went out early in the morning and came home at night only in time to dress for dinner. Compare and contrast Kitty and Walter’s marriage with Charlie and Dorothy’s marriage or She also had to get away from her mom.

By age 25, Kitty has flirted with — and declined the marriage proposals of — dozens of suitors. When Walter discovers his The governors sent a bacteriologist to help out those dying and helpless Chinese peasants to resist the epidemical Cholera.

The main characters of the book are Kitty an Walter Fane. This story is steeped in the painful emotions of betrayal, resentment and the realities of marrying for the wrong reasons. Apart from the love story of an intelligent scientist and a beautiful but shallow lady, the attention of the spectator is caught by the poverty and troubles of China in the 19th century. The white colour was also present in the form of the paint that Ann used.


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