Enlisted quarterly assignments listing equal

Enlisted quarterly assignments listing equal

Student Veracross Assignments

Normally, airmen are selected based on their grade and skill level. MilPDS is also used to initiate Airman pay actions, maintain Air Force accountability and strength data, and support a host of interactions with other Air Force processes and systems that rely on personnel data. EQUAL – Enlisted Quarterly Assignments Listing [Internet]; Aug 19, [cited Aug 19]. Cancellation Requested by Member.

To ensure all members remain available for worldwide duty, they must have workable plans to provide parent-like care for their dependents as outlined in AFI November 09, KUNSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea — I’ve been involved with the Air Force assignment system for more than 20 years and I want to share a few tips to help prepare you for your follow-on assignment after Kunsan Air Base or increase your chances for your dream assignments later in your career.

Extended Long OS Tour ELT Length Enlisted Only. This committed service retainability ensures a member has a period of active duty remaining long enough to offset the costs associated with a PCS. Airmen who elect to retire are ineligible for promotion consideration and are ineligible for extension of enlistment or reenlistment, except as authorized in conjunction with a request for retirement. Manpower positions are coded with an SEI to identify positions that require or provide unique experiences or qualifications.

These TOS requirements have changed. AFI contains additional information and also contains guidance in the case where a member has departed from his or her previous duty station and is en route to the new location.

An in-place BOP is not authorized for airmen assigned OS. Under the EFMP, a member may receive a reassignment if a need arises for specialized care that cannot be met where currently assigned. Also, travel time is charged as ordinary leave. Share this Have you found the page useful? Permissive PCS Assignment Program. To prevent involuntary assignment at these locations for long periods, the Air Force established a minimum month tour for single and unaccompanied personnel and a minimum month tour for accompanied personnel.

Reserve and Guard members will receive specific instructions from the Air Force Reserve Command and Air Reserve Personnel Center concerning how the MilPDS upgrade will impact their personnel programs. Members who cannot or will not meet military commitments due to family needs will be considered for discharge. The statement should be coordinated through the unit commander to the MPF. EQUAL stands for “Enlisted Quarterly Assignments Listing” What is the meaning of EQUAL abbreviation?

Airmen are instructed to review, prioritize and list their assignment preferences based on the EQUAL list. Tour lengths for various OS locations are listed in AFI Still, it’s not a guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want, but it’s better than not having any say at all.

As directed by the designated assignment authority as outlined in AFI The policies and procedures concerning humanitarian and EFMP reassignment or deferment are outlined in AFI Humanitarian and Exceptional Family Member Program EFMP Reassignment or Deferment. You can see what’s coming available and align your preferences to Air Force needs. In other words, to move from one state-side base to another, one must have at least two years remaining on their enlistment period or be willing to extend their enlistment so they have at least two years remaining.

Career airmen may request a BOP to remain in place at a CONUS location. It also provides continuity to the gaining unit and stability to members and their families following PCS.


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