Small airport business plans

Small airport business plans

Small Restaurant Business Plan

A goal should be positive and easily understood by the airport’s governing body, management and staff, and stakeholders.

Weaknesses need to be addressed and remedied. Links to the ISO image and instructions for burning a CD-ROM from an ISO image are provided below.

Vision statement A vision statement articulates the aspirations for the airport; it is a picture of success. CD-ROM Disclaimer – This software is offered as is, without warranty or promise of support of any kind either expressed or implied. It’s fast and easy, with LivePlan. Unusual for a general aviation airport, this Business Plan addresses many of the areas that a private sector plan would address, for example, industry overview and market analysis about trends and competition, discussion about products and services and possible future changes, review of the legal and regulatory context, and management policies and procedures used in the conduct of business.

A discussion of each of the elements of an airport business plan follows: LivePlan is incredibly simple and easy to use. This Plan looks at a year time horizon, with firmer information for the year horizon. Objectives An objective is a significant step toward achieving a goal i. Opportunities — external items that could help realize the mission and vision for the airport. Threats — external items that could threaten the realization of the airport’s mission and vision.

Mission statement A mission statement conveys the reason for an airport’s existence, and may identify the core competencies of the organization as well. As with opportunities, threats are typically identified by studying changes or trends within the industry and the local marketplace.

The four components of the SWOT analysis are: Opportunities need to be seized or capitalized on. A finance provider will review any business plan submitted; it is essential that your plan relates to your business and you do not rely on a generic document.

As such, it is essential that all aspects of the operation and management of an airport be linked to its mission statement. The results of the SWOT analysis serve to document the planning team’s understanding of the airport and the organization.

Strengths need to be preserved, built on, and leveraged. Airport Development Study On June 11, , the City Council approved significant revisions to the policies contained in the Airport Development Study. Values statement A values statement outlines the collective beliefs held throughout an organization.

When formulating an action plan, each of the following questions needs to be answered: Goals A goal is a statement of a desired result, outcome, or level of attainment that needs to be reached to realize the mission and vision of an airport. In essence, an airport Business Plan transforms the mission, vision, values and goals of an airport into specific objectives and actions within each functional area of the airport.

The CD-ROM also provides worksheets that may be helpful in gathering the information necessary for developing and implementing an airport business plan.


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