Golang runtime error assignment to entry in nil map

Golang runtime error assignment to entry in nil map

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Also Println not executes as test that panic is here. My code looks like this: Str 7 , row. Int 3 , row. Int 0 , row. I have a code: It only takes a minute! Int 1 , row. Although the code compiles fine, I get the runtime error below: Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong please?

I understands that the trouble is in incrementing data to the structure. Float 5 , row. Str 8 , row. Str 11 , “,” length: Str 2 , row. I don’t know what you are trying to obtain, but the error tells, that columns map does not have a column index on the moment of assignment and for this reason is throwing a panic.

But when I try to create a new key when it doesn’t exists, I get a runtime error “panic: Instead of figuring out how and where to store data, we get to focus on actually using the data to make better decisions. My code is below. Float 6 , row. Println “This is never executed!!! Just wanted to see if there is a commonly-accepted way to do this. Running this code produces panic: There are some goroutines , that are sending data to channel, and receiveWork method rgabs it all and should make a map like this: Str 4 , row.


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