Disaster plans business

Disaster plans business

Business Continuity Planning

The procedures allow for a regular review of the plan by key personnel within the organization. Resources that management must allocate include both financial considerations and the effort of all personnel involved.

Wold of the Disaster Recovery Journal, the entire process involved in developing a Disaster Recovery Plan consists of 10 steps: Therefore, recovery strategies should be developed to anticipate the loss of one or more of the following system components: Management is responsible for 1 establishing the policies, procedures and responsibilities for comprehensive contingency planning , and 2 reviewing and approving the contingency plan annually, documenting such reviews in writing.

Adapted from the upcoming book THE WALL STREET JOURNAL COMPLETE SMALL BUSINESS GUIDEBOOK by Colleen DeBaise, Three Rivers Press, Dec. Establish an overview of the affected area. Initially, testing of the plan is done in sections and after normal business hours to minimize disruptions to the overall operations of the organization.

The contingency organization is usually structured with teams responsible for major functional areas such as administrative functions, facilities, logistics, user support, computer backup, restoration, and any other important area. Backups should be stored with the same level of security as the original data. These are ordinarily attended to by information security experts.

When helping clients develop emergency plans, Adam Zweibel, president of Alpha Technology Group in Livingston, N. Collecting data[ edit ] In this phase, data collection takes place. Data backup and recovery should be an integral part of the business continuity plan and information technology disaster recovery plan.

It is often considered best practice to develop a standard format for the disaster recovery plan so as to facilitate the writing of detailed procedures and the documentation of other information to be included in the plan later. Once the primary functions have been identified, the operations and processes are then ranked in order of priority: Alternatives, dependent upon the evaluation of the computer function, may include: Keep that information in a separate location at least fifty miles away, or subscribe to a online data backup service provider.

Move to the cloud.


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