A million words or less assignment

A million words or less assignment

Child Trends On Topic: Dana Suskind

We would stop on a picture and reminisce. By Brad Bosler The other day I was driving home from work, and I realized that I had not seen my daughter at all the last day. I feel as if I learned more in a day than I could in a year. Every parent who wrote thanked me for giving it.

He’s in the advanced math course this year, and made Honors strings. That is a lot of happiness that I could include.

I look forward to getting to know all of my students in the upcoming months, but would like to start this process with a little help from you.

For parents, the first week of school can be a nightmare of form signing, Lindgren noted, “but this assignment turns it all around. You will not find a bigger heart than the heart Hailey poses for others. So, I’ll be sharing, in one million words or less, about my children. THE “MILLION WORDS” IDEA GROWS Soon after Bova introduced the Million Words idea, other teachers picked up on it.

How would I pick my favorite, or even my top ten? The ones with behavior issues that other kids didn’t get along with. Hailey is very self-efficient, self-critical and extremely goal oriented. Joshua remained in the house watching from the window. She was a constant presence and a constant responsibility.

I’d summarize who I believe my son is by saying that he is funny, smart, kind, responsible, and super cool. Johnson , on September 10, at 9: They grow up fast!

During those days of watching her when she was young, I always thought it would be great if she were more independent.

In fact, I even recommended it to other teachers,” said Kate Geisen, who taught last year at Whiteside Middle School in Belleville, Illinois, and will start a new job this month as a kindergarten teacher at Whiteside Elementary. Alyssa gets a lot of support from home. He even played the violin at my wedding this summer! My daughter and I have always been close.

If you ever want a great topic ask her about the USS Cole or the Titanic, she is well educated and loves to speak of them. Each student is special and unique in his or her own way. I felt excited and happy, because I knew she would change my world. Along with religious school for six hours a week, and regular school and homework, and clarinet practice, my daughter is beginning to get busy!

She put herself to bed. She is quick to apologize when she’s done something out of line. My wife and I are very proud of the young woman Hailey is becoming, while we feel we are doing our best to raise her the best we can, we are always fortunate and grateful to the educators and wonderful school system we are a part of.

It means that somewhere along the road she has learned what doesn’t work and can try a different approach the next time around. Dozens of teachers picked up the idea. She takes her music seriously, and is usually the first to show me something new that she just discovered, or share something old that she thinks we might appreciate or not!

Now she has practice times a week, and it is the off-season! You may wish to unsubscribe for a week.


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