Awaiting reviewer assignment ieee

Awaiting reviewer assignment ieee

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It’s probably why they chose this language for the status message. But upon acceptance a paper will become available in “Early Access Articles” on the IEEE-Xplore website http: Awaiting reviewer assignment under review What does “awaiting reviewer assignment” actually mean in biology feb, Once final files are exported, the Editorial Office cannot help the author making changes to the submission.

It is against TMI policy to reveal the status of a paper under review. You may also like. TMI averages 6 weeks from the time a manuscript is submitted to the time a decision is made. The EiC will study the paper and decide either to send it into peer review or to return it with one of the immediate decisions as follows.

The EiC, AE and the Editorial Office cannot discuss the correctness of the review unless the manuscript is resubmitted to TMI. The decision to reject a paper with no further consideration implies that we do not expect a resubmission to reach the level of TMI publications, even if the given points of critique are addressed.

But because all the reviewers and associate editors and even the EIC are volunteer positions, many times extensions of the due dates are requested and granted, so the actual time in review could be several months. Adm awaiting reviewer assignment The n step awaiting reviewer scores was skipped The staff of Editorial Office checks the content of submission for completeness and identifies original submission and resubmission.

Solely referencing the comments of the reviewers will generally not be sufficient for reconsideration. So it makes no sense that “Under review” means pre-screening as suggested by one of the comments – it may be different for different journals but I doubt that is the case for any journal.

The author will be contacted by IEEE staff editors regarding the problems with final files and proof reading and will be given a chance to make changes to the paper.


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