Ou law first week assignments

Ou law first week assignments

Common First Week Assignment

It is always their decision as to when they release their first week assignment s. What books do you need? Use your estimates to create a weekly study schedule that accounts for reading cases, completing any other assignments, and reviewing your notes.

What to Do Week by Week September 7, By Jennifer Warren Leave a Comment Welcome to Ahead of the Curve, our new series for incoming 1Ls. Orientation should get you excited about starting law school, not stressed out!

To quote the immortal words of the Grateful Dead, the first days are the hardest days. For more helpful advice, check out these posts: Week 3 By the end of the third week, you should have covered enough material to start creating a course outline. Week 1 Welcome to law school! When it comes to student organizations, my advice is that generally less is more.

Getting some help early on will prevent you from falling too far behind as the semester progresses. Although you certainly had the best of intentions when you first started law school, now that the initial excitement has worn off, you may find yourself starting to procrastinate. You should also look through your syllabi and calendar all of your long-term assignments and deadlines , such as due dates for legal writing memos. Select the first week assignments from the list below.

To relieve some of the confusion you may feel as a new law student and to help you get started on the right foot, follow this week by week guide for managing your first month of law school. Typically professors do not provide first week assignments until sometime during the week prior to school. Rather than overcommitting to a bunch of student organizations, consider joining just one or two that you are particularly interested in so that you can keep your focus on performing well academically and gaining practical work experience.

Continue to outline regularly, and consider whether you should switch from traditional briefing to book-briefing. With a week of classes finished, you should have some idea of how long it takes you to complete your reading assignments.

The first week of law school, like any new undertaking, is both exciting and intimidating. If you recognize this behavior in yourself, start putting strategies in place to overcome your procrastination tendencies and take some time to think about how you can maintain your motivation throughout the semester.


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